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The True Value of Flight Training

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Much has been said about the cost of flight training today and the potential return on investment on a pilot certificate. In a dynamic job market the potential pilots of the millennial generation may well wonder if there is value to pilot certification beyond the cockpit. Will the time spent becoming a pilot be worthwhile? According to our research, the answer is a resounding yes.

Is Plane Sharing Legal?

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Whether or not plane sharing is legal has become the most anticipated FAA ruling of the summer. The fate of start-ups like FlyteNow and Airpooler will be decided with the ruling. If the FAA O.K.’s plane sharing, it will be a huge win for the sharing economy. These companies could revolutionize access to flight and help rebuild general aviation. The question is, will they find a place for plane sharing within the current law?

Enabling Technology


 Like many, I view technology as an enabler. It enables old, established industries and businesses to create new markets that did not exist before. The Classic example is Ford’s Model T. It was the Model T that changed the transportation market, not the automobile. Through technology (i.e. production savings), Ford was able to mass-produce the Model T and, with that, access an entirely new consumer that previously was content with horse-drawn vehicles. He democratized access to modern transportation.

Sustainable Fuel (And What it Could Mean for Flight Training)

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 With fuel prices in Europe exceeding $10 per gallon and little signs of slowing it is time to think about sustainable fuel sources and the long term impact they could have on flight training. If we (the industry) can change the way we use fuel, could we scale back the major expense of flight training, making it more cost-effective for prospective students while simultaneously increasing marginal revenue? Let’s explore.

Simulator Based Flight Training Programs: A Solution?


High dropout rates and low enrollment --time and again flight training programs site these as concerns. We know these challenges stem from the time required to complete flight training and the inaccessible nature of airports/aircraft.  The question we need to answer is how do we address these challenges using todays technology and enable our customers (students) to access flight training at a time convenient to them?

Pilot Shortage: An Update

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We’ve talked a lot about the impending pilot shortage and what it means for the future of flight. But new headlines suggest that a looming pilot shortage is simply a myth.  Could the argument of a pilot shortage be masking the true problem of low salary and inadequate benefits for many pilots? Let’s explore the recent headlines and try to dissect what this means for the future of aviation including what a more cost-effective solution for flight training could mean for the industry.

3 FAA Regulations That Could Use an Overhaul

FAA Regulations Outdated

At the end of last year airline passengers rejoiced as the FAA lifted a rule that banned the use of electronic devices below 10,000 feet during takeoff and landing.  The FAA received great criticism over the years that the rule was outdated. Many argued that cost was the reason the FAA was reluctant to go through the process of changing the regulation.  This conversation led us to wonder: Are there other FAA regulations that could use an overhaul and directly affect general aviation?

How to Keep a Steady Pool of Flight Instructors

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Becoming a certified flight instructor traditionally has been thought of as a mandatory stop on the career path for a hopeful ATP or commercial pilot.  Sure, instructing is a good way to build time, but not everyone’s goal is to become an ATP or a pilot of a commercial jetliner.  Reason being, we are not all motivated by the same things. Then why isn’t flight instruction considered a more viable professional option for students coming out of flight school?  Without flight instructors, there is no aviation industry much like without elementary school teachers there is no finance, medical, real estate…really any industry.  Yet, when it comes to teaching, it is difficult to point to a time when teachers were in short supply.  So why is it so challenging to find CFI’s?

A Glimpse Into the Future of Aviation Seen at South by Southwest

Mobile in Aviation

Tens of thousands of the brightest minds in tech converged in Austin for the 21st Interactive SXSW Festival. Innovators and entrepreneurs gathered to review the technology of tomorrow, today.  We took a look at the agenda to see what’s on the horizon for aviation and what it could mean for the future of flight.  Here are some of the highlights:

The Sharing Economy and What it Could Mean for Flight Training

Sharing Economy

The sharing economy refers to economic and social systems that enable shared access to goods, services, data and talent.  The proliferation of the sharing economy has been undeniable over the last several years thanks to the Internet, social media, and mobile devices.  From cars, to homes, to farmland -- there’s been seemingly no limit to what people will share.  Coming from one of the hubs of the sharing economy (Boston), where companies like Zipcar were founded, we have long wondered when plane-sharing would be next and the impact it would have on the business of flight training.

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