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Alternative Energy: Impact On General Aviation

Alternative Energy

The rising cost of aviation fuel has undoubtedly had an impact on flying habits in general aviation.  We’re determined to uncover some of the effects, and are offering $1 Avgas to find out.   For most of October (unfortunately the promotion was cut short due to overwhelming demand), Brown Aviation, Redbird and a consortium of other great industry partners are dropping the price of Avgas to $1.00 a gallon.  This will provide us with data on Avgas costs and the fuel shortage. But, as new technology and alternative energy methods become mainstream could there be a lasting effect on the Avgas fuel shortage and bright skies ahead for general aviation pilots? 

$1 Avgas! Too Cheap To Believe?

dollar walletBelieve it!! - $6.23 is the national average for 100LL as of 2:30pm yesterday, Monday September 30th. However, starting today, Tuesday October 1st, 2013 the price of avgas is going to plummet. Thanks to Redbird, Brown Aviation and a consortium of other great industry partners, the price of avgas will drop to $1.00 a gallon for the entire month of October.  Jaw dropping I know!


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3 Things Football Can Teach You About the Business of Flight Training

Football Plane

Fall is in the air and football is on TV. On Sunday it’s game day in my house. And whether you’re an NFL or college football fan (or both) it’s hard to ignore the excitement come September. In light of the upcoming season let’s look at 3 things football can teach you about the business of flight training.

Planes: The Movie and the Future of Flight

kids in theater   Karramba Productions

The future of flight relies on students who choose to pursue a degree in aviation for many reasons including: career opportunities, to see the world and work anywhere in it, a strong passion for flying, and now because of Dusty Crophopper -- a crop dusting plane with a fear of heights?

4 Things To Expect As A Piston Aircraft Pilot

Piston Aircraft Pilot

Anyone pondering flight training will without a doubt have several questions about just how airplanes fly. The miracle of flight is all the more mysterious for those who have never set foot in a general aviation (GA) airplane. If you’ve only seen light aircraft from afar, let me offer a little preview of the novelties you’ll encounter as a piston aircraft pilot.

Millennials And The Future Of Work

Millennials And The Future Of Work

Back in April, we were part of a panel discussion at the World Aviation Training Symposium (WATS) discussing the future of aviation and how we need to transform our messaging as an industry to appeal to Generation Y (Millenials).  The driving force behind the need to change the way we sell ourselves is due to the shift in values between generations.  What Gen Yer’s value in work and life is drastically different from what Baby Boomers and Gen Xer’s value.  As an industry we have not done a great job appealing to those new values.  

Social Media and Student Recruitment

social media recruitment

If you are reading this post, it’s a pretty safe bet you have at least some degree of internet savvy. In our plugged-in, online, web-based, 21st century society, I’m willing to go out on a limb and bet the cyber world gains a bit more of your attention with each passing year. As the internet continues to dominate new areas of our lives, you may have wondered about the role social media and student recruitment can have on your business.

Four Aviation Membership Programs Worth Joining

aviation membership

Those of you new to aviation might be wondering about some aviation membership programs that are worth pursuing. You’re in luck. Aviation has no shortage of fine associations that support a variety of worthwhile causes. Regardless of your specific passion(s), you’re bound to find an organization or two that satisfies your interests.

Econ 101: A Flight Instructor Shortage Is The Best Thing For Aviation

Flight Instructor Shortage Supply and Demand

Guest Post By, Stephen Lewis, aka "The Write Flier." A pilot since 1998, Steve holds two degrees in aviation and has worked as both a flight instructor and a regional airline pilot. Steve can be reached through his website,

The Experience of Flight Training: Transferable Skills For Any Career

Pilots Skills Transferable To Any Career

Many students and aviator hopefuls go through the rigors of flight training and become a pilot because they have long been intrigued with the idea of flying.  It is exciting, fun, cool… they develop a passion for soaring high above the ground where the rest of us live out our daily lives. If you have been around aviation for more than a day or two, you will probably agree that there is no shortage of people talking about the passion of aviators. One thing that is rarely talked about however, is the skills acquired while going through the flight training experience, whether that be at a four year institution or at the local flight school at a nearby airport. 

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