Flying High With a Pilot's ROI

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Flying High With a Pilot's ROI


In June, Brown Aviation Lease published a Professional Pilot ROI Analysis.  As most of you remember, this analysis spread throughout the aviation community within a few days.  We were astounded with your reaction and decided to take the analysis one step further.

The analysis is geared to help high school students (and their parents!) understand their decision to be a professional pilot.  However, the old analysis was bulky and not optimized for high school students to understand....well, we have solved that problem.

We developed a single page "infographic."  An infographic, for those of you who are unaware, is an estetically pleasing, picture friendly way to simply view complex data and information.  We think you're going to love the finished product!

Here is a small clip of the infographic!  To view and download the full graphic click here!

Sample Pilot ROI Picture




Students and their parents must calculate the ROI of every professional course and must take a decision that will encourage their wards bright future. A good decision is very important at this point of time.
Posted @ Friday, October 28, 2011 2:40 AM by Commercial Pilot Training
Very informative. The ROI will depend on the training and the career path the student chooses.
Posted @ Sunday, November 06, 2011 9:15 AM by John mumaw
@commerical & @johnmumaw - thanks for your comments. We have had a number of students and parents thank us for highlighting some of the numbers behind the career. Of course, there are multiple variables and paths. 
Any other ideas on what information students would want to see?
Posted @ Monday, November 07, 2011 5:19 AM by Jason Griswold
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