Advice in Flight Training: Easier to point the finger than pull the thumb!

This article on Mercer County Community College aviation program got me a bit irritated. ( Click to see article Mercer County Community College may clip wings of money-losing aviationprogram

Yet again, another great flight training program in the midst of“de-leveraging”. What really confuses me is why now? If the program has been losing $400k a year, why would the University put up with poor management for so long. Furthermore, I would be curious to see the “losses” the science, automotive or engineering programs have put up in their “labs”.

My lacrosse coach in high school gave the team some great advice. He said ” Gentleman, it is a lot easier to point the finger than pull the thumb“.  So I am curious as to the steps MCCC have taken to truly understand the flight training business, then actually put in some accountability to the system. In my travels, I have meet hundreds of program managers at small and large schools.  All have both unique and common problems. The successful ones understand that this is a business and must be run that way in order to survive.  They are not afraid to ask for help and admit when certain things are simply not working.

I hope that MCCC realizes that they have an incredible institution and asset to offer their prospective students.  Maybe its time to pull the thumb before pointing the finger and kicking the problem to the curb!