Consumption of Flight Training Simulation Technology

I had the opportunity to visit an up-and-coming aircraft simulation company based in Denver. This group is an eclectic mix of engineering brilliance, crafty coding and former flight training.  For the past 7 years,  they have been building and improving their CRJ flight training simulation device.  On the surface, it is an exact replica of the real aircraft but at half the cost of comparable devices.

What struck me about this group is not their well-oiled component supply chain, but their vision as to how simulation will be consumed by the student.

It is no longer just about logging 1.5 Hobbs time in the clunky multi-million dollar simulation unit.

The not-so-distant-future will be about how the student consumes flight training simulation OUTSIDE the device.

  • Imagine the professor being able to replay a students ILS approach, step-by-step, to the whole class via computer with same high-fidelity visuals.
  • Integrate that same ILS example into a Blackboard online discussion for further analysis outside the classroom
  • Maybe the University can use the technology to extend part of its simulation curriculum to other parts of the world, via online learning.
  • It could be as simple as enabling the student to replay their approach via Ipad/tablet application to further analyze their abilities.

This is not about technology for technologies sake.  It is about how students learn and retain.

It is companies like this that are creating a new ” paradigm” in simulation and student consumption.

Best of luck and should be a busy year with H.R. 5900