5 Benefits of Piston Aircraft 'Power By The Hour'

Power By The Hour has long been a product reserved only for turbine aircraft in the aviation space. To clarify, Power By The Hour refers to the maintenance/insurance product nearly all commercial airlines, corporate jet owners and aircraft lessors use to protect and accrue for engine maintenance. For every hour the aircraft flies, a certain monetary value is paid in return for the protection of any scheduled orunscheduled maintenance. Essentially anything from engine overhauls to bird strikes are covered under the program. 

Now for the first time ever, this same Power By The Hour protection is available to the piston aircraft market!  Through our partnership with Jet Support Services Inc., we have designed a Power By The Hour piston aircraft maintenance product that protects everything from the firewall forward, schedule or unscheduled. 



Reduction of Financial Risk – A Power By The Hour program will significantly reduce your financial risk because it removes all catastrophic and unscheduled aircraft exposure you once had.  Clearly the engine is the most expensive part of the aircraft and has long been the financial hog for many piston aircraft owners.  Instead of paying thousands of dollars out of pocket for a prop strike or a cracked cylinder, you just pay one low hourly fee and never have to worry about it again.

Elimination of Expensive and/or Unplanned Spikes in Budget – Owning an aircraft or a fleet of aircraft is expensive. Generally the greatest expense is not purchasing the aircraft but is paying for the fuel and covering the cost for unplanned maintenance.  With a piston engine Power By The Hour program, the cost of those unplanned spikes magically disappear from your budget because you no longer have to worry about funding them out of your own pocket. 

Predictability in Direct Operating Costs – Dove tailing off of benefit 2, clearly if you can eliminate unplanned spikes you can then better predict your aircrafts yearly operating cost.  All you have to do is replace that constantly fluctuating maintenance cost with this simple equation, 

(hours flown/year X Power By The Hour fee) = yearly operating maintenance cost  

Just a side note, most power by the hour programs, including ours, do not provide the labor force to actually perform the maintenance.   Instead we would partner with yourcurrent maintenance department to cover the costs of parts and labor.

Immediate Assistance in AOG Condition – When your aircraft is grounded or aircraft in your fleet are grounded it costs you money, especially if you have students waiting to be trained on that aircraft.  The best Power By The Hour programs will provide immediate and rush delivery on parts needed to get your aircraft back in the air.

Mitigation of Replacement Engine Downtime – Every 2,000 hours your piston aircraft’s engine has to be overhauled or replaced.  For some that may seem like a lot of hours but for others flying 500 hours a year, that number is reached every 4 years.  Because of the size of our fleet of aircraft, we have partnered with OEM engine firms and can quickly get new engines out to our Power By The Hour customers when needed.

If you’re fed up with unpredictable maintenance costs and are looking to add some stability to your aircraft’s budget, I would recommend taking a look at a Power By The Hour program.  You can find information on our program here. And certainly post any questions your have about anything related to piston engine Power By The Hour below.