Aviation College Partners with Airlines

This week, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) announced that they have formed a partnership with Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA) and Delta Air Lines that will help students clearly establish a career path and get flying jobs out of school!

Students will go through rigerous testing and a series of interviews before they become pilots at either airline, but this is definitely an advantage and a significant reason to choose ERAU over another flight program. After serving as a flight instructor for a certain period of time qualified students will receive a conditional offer of employement at ASA.  After accumulating experience at ASA, qualified canditates will be offered an interview with Delta.

This is a significant recruitment tactic for University Aviation and has been seen at many other schools.  As it turns out, ERAU also has a separate "bridge program" set up with Cape Air and JetBlue that effectively offers a similar career path for a perspective airline pilot.

Recently, Western Michigan University College of Aviation also signed a contract with Pinnacle Airlines that allows graduates of their program to be eligable for First Officer positions with Pinnacle, Mesaba, and Colgan Air.

Clearly, this is an effective recruitment tactic to pursuade new students to attend your institution.  Maybe it is time you consider a similar partnership.  If you feel that your program is not large enough to establish a partnership with a regional airline, look for local Part 135 operators or other flight operations in your area to partner with.

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Farewell from Bryant Dunn

On an entirely separate note, I am sad to share that this will be my last post from Brown Aviation Lease.  It has been a distinct pleasure sharing my thoughts and collaborating with the flight-training industry. 

Here's what I can promise: Brown will continue to publish thought-provoking blog posts, industry-relevant newsletters, and innovations in flight training equipment acquisition.  Thank you again for your readership.