Live Coverage From NTAS - What do you want to hear?

So the National Training Aircraft Symposium (NTAS) is coming up next week and their is a lot of chatter in the air about the "1500 hour rule" as the latest hot topic of discussion, as it very well should be.  This recent NPRM is going to have huge effects on all parts of the industry from the commercial side all the way through to the educators.

We at Brown realize that many of you may not be making the trip down to the sunny state of Florida for the event, so we are going cover the event live while we are there!  In order to keep tabs on NTAS 2012 all you have to do is follow us on Twitter @PlatformBrown and we will keep you up to date live, as it is all unfolding.

To get a better idea about what to pay particular attention to, we wanted to give you all the opportunity to tell us what you are most interested in at this years NTAS event:  Check out the widget below to let us know, and remeber...follow us @PlatformBrown!