Resource & Discussion Center For Flight Training Industry

Today we proudly announce the launch of our first online discussion center for collegiate aviation!  Our discussion center, which allows all visitors to post ideas and vote on topics that they feel are important, spun out of our round table dinner discussion on “The Meaning Of Disruption In Higher Education,” which we held at this summer's semi-annual Aviation Accreditation Board International Conference. Click here to read the full press release

The dinner brought together many top leaders from both collegiate aviation and higher education including Mark Nemec, the President and CEO of higher education consulting firmEduventures.  Representatives from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Kent State University, Western Michigan University College of Aviation, Auburn University College of Business, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Prescott and CAE, Inc. were also in attendance and provided great insights into the issues facing collegiate aviation programs.    

During the dinner many interesting topics were discussed including innovative revenue streams to offset the high costs of education, the future of online education in collegiate aviation, recruitment of women into aviation and strategies for flight training programs to collaborate and share resources, professors and even curriculums.  With so many innovative discussions, we thought it would be beneficial to the Flight Training Industry to open up the discussion to everyone through our online platform.  Our discussion center now enables all collegiate, for-profit and military flight training programs to share their knowledge and discuss solutions to problems like student recruitment and rising education costs.  Our landing is not only a place for industry and academia to come together to discuss and debate ideas but it is also a resource center where we will be continually adding relevant content including videos from our dinner discussion.