Stop Steadying the Horses!

During World War II just before the Americans entered the war they were studying the big guns of the Germans. They found that they could fire a shell every 10 seconds. The best the Americans could do was one every 30 seconds.

They assigned a Colonel to study the matter. He found that the gunners were told to wait 20 seconds after firing a shell. When he asked why, everyone said because it is in the manual. 

The Colonel went back to examine the World War I manual. It said: " the shot and wait 20 seconds."

Frustrated, he went back to the civil war manuals. They said: " the cannon and wait 20 seconds to steady the horses."

Why are you doing what you currently do? Is it because that is the way you have always done it?

Take the time to evaluate why you're doing what you're doing. Do you know reasons, philosophy and context under which the ideas were formed?

If not, you could be getting out gunned by your opponents. Stop steadying the horses!

Often, the stupid question is the un-asked question. Learn the 'why' behind the 'what'. Evaluate the merits of different ideas—without bias. And, continually seek out ways to improve your craft. 

That's what winners do.