What is Next After a Collegiate Aviation Degree?

This week I went to EAA Airventure Oshkosh with one question in mind - how do recent grads plan on getting to the right seat?  The great thing about Oshkosh is that everybody goes!

I must have seen 2 dozen booths showcasing the multitude of Collegiate Aviation Schools around the world.  I talked to students, flight instructors, and educators!  Here are the common themes:

• Realize a pilot shortage is looming.  
• Want to go to a school with a reputable program.

Flight Instructors:
• Attrition is picking up because hiring has been active this year.
• Building flight hours to get a job. 
• Do not feel like HR 5900 will affect their generation.

• Enrollment is slowly picking back up.
• Designing flight programs to meet possible HR 5900 requirements (ie advanced jet simulation)

This is just a small scratch to the surface of the current state of the professional pilot training industry.  In addition, I took some video footage, so look for the movie in weeks to follow!

For anyone interested in the career of a pilot, you should view our professional pilot ROI analysis.