$1 Avgas! Too Cheap To Believe?

Believe it!! - $6.23 is the national average for 100LL as of 2:30pm yesterday, Monday September 30th. However, starting today, Tuesday October 1st, 2013 the price of avgas is going to plummet. Thanks to Redbird, Brown Aviation and a consortium of other great industry partners, the price of avgas will drop to $1.00 a gallon for the entire month of October.  Jaw dropping I know!

So what’s the catch?  There isn’t one really.  The only “mini-catch” is that you have to be able to get your plane down to San Marcos, Texas, to the Redbird Skyport to take advantage of the discount.  If you are planning on attending the AOPA Summit in Fort Worth, Texas or the Redbird Migration Conference be sure to stop in on your way home to fuel up.


Seems crazy I know but we want to understand the impact the cost of fuel has on flying habits in general aviation.  What better way to do that then be making the price of fuel next to nothing?  Pilots and student pilots who fly into San Marcos to fuel up will be asked to take two survey’s on their flying habits; one when they are fueling up and a second towards the end of the year after prices have returned to normal. This will provide us with some great data the industry has had a hard time uncovering in the past.



For those of you on Facebook, you can get more than just cheap fuel this October!  If you happen to fly down to KHYI this month, be sure to snap a picture of your plane filling up on that great Texas Tea!  Post your photo to our Facebook page for a chance to win some free shwag from Sporty’s Pilot Shop!  The pic with the most votes at the end of the month wins so don’t forget to come back and vote for your favorites!

See you in Texas!