Sale Leaseback

Piston aircraft fleet sale leaseback's have become a common and effective tool for maximizing a flight training programs capital. Our aircraft Sale Leaseback solutions serve as an optimal method for collegiate and for-profit flight training programs to monetize their piston aircraft fleet. By entering into a sale leaseback our clients have the ability to redeploy capital back into various aspects of their program. 

Unlocked Capital can be Reinvested to:

  • Finance growth or expansion plans
  • Revive existing operations
  • Make an acquisition
  • Implement student loan and scholarship programs
  • Expand student recruitment and outreach efforts

Benefits Include:

  • Unlocking program capital tied up in flight training equipment
  • Fleet costs become nothing more than a monthly operating expense
  • Liminating aircraft end of life transition risk 

Lease to Own

Brown's Lease-to-Own solutions give our clients the ability to purchase the fleet that best meets their needs while paying into the ownership of the aircraft over time instead of all at once.

Benefits Include:

  • Monthly payments working towards ownership of aircraft
  • Ability to manage capital budget over time
  • Ownership options at the end of lease term
  • Opportunity to purchase new/newer equipment without the upfront capital cost

Lease to Upgrade

Our piston aircraft Lease-to-Upgrade solutions are designed to enable flight training programs to transition into new or like new aircraft with minimal upfront capital requirements. For many collegiate programs and for-profit academies, it is important that their students train on the latest technology and equipment. Our Lease-to-Upgrade solutions allow programs to train their students in the best equipment without the need to raise student flight fees or increase tuition rates. 

Benefits Include:

  • Elimination of loss risk
  • Flexible upgrade options at the end of the lease term
  • Down payment as low as 0%
  • Access to new or like new equipment without the upfront capital expense

General Leasing Benefits

Transitioning to a Newer Aircraft
The thought of transitioning your current fleet to newer aircraft can be overwhelming. We understand that every program has different budgetary requirements and needs and we know it is not your job to manage the transition of your fleet; your job is to train pilots. Through our custom leasing programs, we will assist in managing the full transition of your current flight training aircraft to newer aircraft without impeding on your programs utilization and operations.

Lower Overall Ownership Cost
At Brown we understand finance, flight training and piston aircraft, which means we get aircraft utilization. We are able to book higher residuals on our assets because it is our intent to use our aircraft for their entire useful life. At Brown, we understand there are many users of a piston aircraft throughout its lifetime and it is our goal to reach the different users of an aircraft at every point in its lifecycle. Our proven ability to reach all users allows us to optimize the full value of the asset.


Purchasing New Piston Aircraft Fleet
We know that the average age of piston aircraft in the market today is 46 years old. That is why we provide our customers with the ability to upgrade to new or slightly used aircraft giving them access to the latest technology on the market. Our lease clients benefit from Brown Aviation's factory direct relationships with all major flight training aircraft OEM's.

Full Lifetime Support
We pride ourselves on providing value to our clients from the time of aircraft acquisition all the way through until disposition. Unlike a traditional financier, we provide customer support for all of your flight training aircraft fleet needs for the full term of your lease.


Add Flight Training Simulators
At Brown we don't just finance piston aircraft, we finance all levels of flight training simulators as well because we understand the need for every program to have access to all the training technology on the market. Just like with our aircraft, we will put together a custom financing package that fulfills your simulator requirements helping your program meet the needs of your students.