Brown's Industry Research

We are the largest producers of flight training industry research and analysis! We publish our research to help schools anticipate changes in the industry, predict trends and plan for the future. Some of the topics we cover include student recruitment, best practices for program operations and aircraft acquisition strategies.


Pilot Return on Investment

We used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to compare the career of a pilot, lawyer, teacher, and doctor.

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The Life Skills Of A Pilot

Here are the skills you will learn as student pilot when going through flight training that go beyond just stick and rudder. 

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Why Millennial Pilots Are Positioned For Success

The experience of flight training will prepare a student pilot for any career. See how the top skills you receive during flight training will prepare you for your future.

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Recruiting the Student Pilots Of Tomorrow

Use the tools and tactics in this infographic to leverage current trends in the aviation industry to recruit the next class of students.

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Case studies

WMU's College of Aviation Saves Millions

Western Michigan University’s College of Aviation saved millions through Brown’s Custom Leasing Program. They were able to upgrade their fleet to the most advanced technology and equipment while protecting their students investment.

This Case Study outlines:

  • How Brown's Custom Leasing structure saved WMU  thousands of dollars in monthly payments.
  • How WMU formed a strategic partnership.
  • And how WMU created a future disposition strategy setting the program up for long term success.

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Should You Buy or Should You Lease?

This guide will help you gauge which path to upgrading your fleet is right for your program. According to GAMA, the average age of piston aircraft in the market is 40+ years old!

This tip sheet will help you:

  • Ask and answer the right questions
  • Analyze your current fleet of aircraft and program needs
  • Understand your aircraft financing options
  • Determine the best solution for your flight training program

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5 Acquisition Strategies in a Slow Economy

We are faced with a multitude of challenges today: budgets are constrained, pending federal regulations may significantly change flight training, and the cost of education is rising.  It is important for us to implement strategies to mitigate risk, decrease costs, and flatline budgets in order to remain competitive. 

Brown Aviation Lease prepared this white paper to address a few acquisition strategies to help your program accomplish these strategies.

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Collegiate Aviation Report: Fleet Characteristics of Flight Training Programs

South Dakota State University and Brown Aviation Lease published an academic paper in the Collegiate Aviation Review.

The report provides insight into:

  • Average age of training aircraft
  • Annual number of flight training hours
  • Student to aircraft ratio per flight school
  • Aircraft utilization rate

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Flying Into The Perfect Career

We explore why millennial pilots are positioned for life long success in any career.

For many becoming a professional pilot is the culmination of a life long love affair with flight. It is an achievement to be proud of that can lead to a rewarding career in aviation, but there is more value to becoming a pilot than just being able to fly an airplane.

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